Travel Destinations / Germany

Explore Europe’s most largely populated country with over 82 million residents and diverse cultural influences.


If you’re a traveller hungry for adventure, exploring Germany may be your most exciting venture. The country is packed with breath-taking, diverse scenery from the Baltic coasts, Alps and expansive lakes, to Rhine River and Zugspitze Mountain; there is so much natural beauty to marvel at.


Home to some of the world’s greatest writers and composers like Beethoven, Goethe, and Gunther Grass, Germany possesses a wealth of entertainment attributed to both ancient and modern culture. Arrive to over 600 art museums, 300 theatres, theme parks, and plenty festive celebrations including music festivals, carnivals, wine shows and the famous Oktoberfest Beer Festival.


The language commonly spoken in Germany is – wait for it, German. Even if you aren’t fluent in German, you may be able to address people in English as it is widely spoken in the country as well.
Food and drinks
Treat your taste buds to wonderful German speciality dishes, beers, wines, and savouries, including Welfenspeise, Weisswurt, bratwurst, and more.


Germany has a wealth of shopping outlets to choose from. Discover trendy malls, specialist stores, antique and modern, local and international fashion brands and bargain deals throughout the country.

Payments and Currency

The legal currency in Germany is the Euro. 1 Euro equals to 100 cents.
ATMs which allow you do withdraw money at any time are available throughout the country. A range of major electronic payment methods are also available, including current credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, and Girocard.
A 10% service tip is optional but recommended.

Travelling within Germany

Travelling within Germany can be quite convenient as you’ll have several modes of transport to choose from.  Choose from 40 airports within the country to fly from or opt for a more scenic railway trip with over 5000 stations in the country.

  • There are no levies for passenger cars in Germany. Let us know if you’d like to rent a car.
  • You can travel to connecting cities and even connecting countries with Germany's largest intercity bus service, MeinFernbus.
  • Germany's three major airports are Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf

Health Requirements

There are no vaccination requirements for entry into Germany, however, tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) vaccinations are recommended for any travellers who intend to engage in a lot of outdoor activities.

Nationality Requires Visa
South African Yes
American Yes
United Kingdom No
European Union No
New Zealand Yes
Australia Yes

Should your nationality not be listed above, kindly contact our dedicated consultants for assistance.

South Africans must apply for a Schengen visa more than three months prior to travel, ensuring that their passports are valid and will remain valid by the time they leave Germany.


The weather is generally warm with rain fall experienced throughout the year. Winters are mild with temperatures from 2ºC to 6ºC, and moderately hot in summer with temperatures from 18ºC to 20ºC.